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Finding the right voice artist for your audiobook can be tricky.


All the hours spent pouring your heart into the words on the page is a personal achievement, and selecting a voice artist that matches the feel and tone is imperative. If your work is based on mens health for example, I understand I'm not the voice for you! No hard feelings here.

I've worked with a number of authors to bring their words to life for audio platforms such as Spotify, Amazon's Audible and more.

Here are a few of my recent audiobooks, updated periodically (when I remember my website exists).


escape from the commodore 64
by david hearne

Growing up in the 80s is a chore for Sarah, who feels misunderstood by her parents and badgered by Rhys, her brother who incessantly prattles on about his computer games. When Rhys tells her one of the games tried to pull him inside the computer, she waggles the joystick to disprove his fairytale and is pulled into the computer. 

EFTC64 Sample

the happy mind movement
by tracey carmichael

An inspiring self-help style book, giving readers new insights to the demons we face daily, and inspiring to find out who we are, where we want to go and how to get there.

HMM Sample

the bad seed
by rita h rowe

He's the new kid in town, complete with a sordid past and a tarnished family name, doomed to fail before he begins. Jenna is the only person who sees beyond Joey's past and they fall deeply in love.

The Bad Seed Sample

back in time for a doughnut
by david hearne

Based on the award-winning screenplay and set in Brisbane, Australia, unpredictable Tara's a leftist rebel who is struggling to stop her life sliding out of control.

Back In Time For A Doughnut Sample
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