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Lucy Dwyer

Professional Voice Artist

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening (please circle whichever applies)

Lucy is a professional voice artist, actor, podcast & video editor currently based in Melbourne, Australia, who decided to spell her name wrong on the internet to get a good domain name.

Lucy's range and versatility goes from authentic and conversational, to professional and authoritative. Regardless of style, her tone will engage a listener instantaneously.


With years of experience in radio and audio production, being a voice artist has been one of her most rewarding career paths thus far. And it has nothing to do with the fact that she can wear her pyjamas while she does it.



What you have to say is important.
It can be the difference between making that sale, increasing the presence of your brand, or keeping your customers interested while they wait on hold. So, with all that in mind - get the right person to say it!

Whatever your project calls for, Lucy will workshop the right tone, accent and delivery to get it right for you everytime.

Here's Lucy's current Australian demo. For British and American, click here.

Aussie Demo
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NW Group

Couldn't have ordered Uber Eats as fast as this project was turned around. Have worked with Lucy before and will be working with Lucy again. Fair Price. Super quick turn around. Sounds as polished as you can get. Number 1 Female Voice Over Artist in Australia. Gets things right first go with the right information.

Meta Blinds

WOW!!! Lucy is amazing. I crown her the Zappos of voice-overs. She has definitely impressed me with the quality and level of service. On top of everything, she really WOWed me. I won't tell you what it is so she can wow you too. I will definitely use Lucy again. Thank you so much Lucy!!

Web Ezy

Very impressed with Lucy's responsiveness. I hope she does not mind me referring to her as Lightning Lucy. She beat me to the gate with her responsiveness. I think I kept her waiting. The narration in first draft was a bit too fast for what I desired. So I slowed her voice track down in audacity so she could get a feel for what I was looking for. I did not give her any time codes or that stuff, which I don't have a clue about to be honest. But Lucy rose to the occasion and on the second voice over nailed it exactly like I wanted. She must have an exceptional ear and feel for the situation. I would highly recommend her to you. I will use Lucy's service in future for sure.


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