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Video Editing Timeline

Video Editing


Working with LADbible in 2022 introduced me to the world of editing UGC for a social brand & large audience. 

Long Form Content

Longer form, storytelling content without bounds is my bread and butter. On my personal Youtube channel, I aim to utilise my own talents & persona alongside my passion for editing to immortalise moments of my life.

Short Form Editing

Youtube Shorts, TikTok & Instagram Reels are the biggest market of the new generation. Maintaining the balance between fast-paced, engaging storytelling content and conveying vital information within the space of 60 seconds is a favourite of mine.

This clip amassed 3.5m views on TikTok.

Social Media Ads

With over 1b monthly users, TikTok has rapidly become a staple for smartphone users under 40. So its no wonder with a conversion rate of 3.4% within 2 years its catching up to its competition (Facebook at 10%).

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