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Conversational Explainers in Voice Over: Banking

Updated: Apr 30

When Bendigo Bank approached asking for a laidback, conversational read for their new home loan series, here's where we landed.

The art of the conversational read is ironically, the trickiest. As Voice Artists, our "normal" voice very rarely comes through in front of the microphone. Naturally, when you put anyone in front of a microphone, tone and delivery of whatever it is in front of them will differ from how they would say it over the phone.

For this one, we jumped up to be a tad more excited about the concept.

When conveying the specifics of a home loan, it can be easy for a client to assume an "announcer" or "e-learning" style is the most appropriate approach, but I think Bendigo Bank made the right move choosing conversational.

As we move through the generations, brands need to constantly be refining and refocusing on who their target audience is, and what they're most receptive to. We know that those under 45 are far more receptive to conversational, or "talking to a friend", than being told specifics in a bland, boring tone.

Note: I do not have any experience with the term 'home equity'. Would be nice. Manifesting.

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